19 aprile 2016

Dario @ OECD

Dario @ OECD

The Italian Experiences of the
SNA Programme
on the Role of the Senior Civil Service
in Building a Culture of Integrity

Presentation to the
OECD Working Party of Senior Public Integrity Officials (SPIO)
In the framework of the OECD Integrity Week
Paris, April 18th 2016
by Dario Quintavalle, SNA Alumni

Good afternoon, and thank you very much for the invite to this working party.
My name is Dario Quintavalle, I am a member of the Italian Senior Executive Service and I’m here on behalf of the Italian National School of Government (SNA) Alumni Association.
    If I were a novelist, and I should write a book about the Italian Civil Service, I would title it after Jane Austen as: “Little Pride, and Lot of Prejudice”, as it seems “a truth universally acknowledged”, that civil servants are too many, too well paid, and deliver too little, and too bad.
It is, indeed, not the best of the moments to be a public servant in my country: we are deep into a crisis of legitimacy – which partly explains the low ranking of Italy in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.
Civil servants are not seen as partners for growth; not as an asset, but as a cost.
The workforce is ageing; prestige and motivation are low.
This is to say, that I’m not going to sell you a full success story, but to deliver a message that there are – notwithstanding – seeds and germs that are operating in the system to change how it is perceived by the general public – and that they need encouragement.

06 aprile 2016

Il Re di Norvegia è un buzzurro

Il Presidente del Consiglio Renzi porge la mano al Re di Norvegia, che non gliela stringe. Pare che l'etichetta voglia...

Pubblicato da Dario Quintavalle su Mercoledì 6 aprile 2016